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There’s little to debate – golf is a difficult game. You have to hit the ball without making it slice off into the trees, fall into a sand trap, or get eaten up by a pond. In short, it’s a frustrating game, and when you add in the prices, the walking, and being out in the sun all day, it’s a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, you can still get a bit of the golf experience without the hassle and pressure.

Mini golf is the perfect “sport” for cutting back and bit and bringing some fun back into the ball game. There’s no wonder it makes such a common date activity. So, whether you’re looking for the place to take your first date or you just want a relaxed place to spend some time with friends, there are some wonderful options for you near Princeton.

Windsor Greens Golf Center in West Windsor

Windsor Greens puts your golf game–specifically the long game and short game–above all else. A driving range and 18-hole mini golf course make up the two main attractions of this golf center, and while those who’d visited have been happy with their experiences, don’t expect many superfluous frills. The mini golf course has few novelties and is good for practicing your putting skills in a practical sense. While the course may be a little dull for those who expect to make trick shots, all players will still be able to appreciate the challenges the course poses.

Pennington Golf Center in Pennington

If you’re looking for something a little more laid back and less serious, Pennington Golf Center might have the mini golf course for you. Its course, which has such challenges–such as bridges and curved slopes–requires both skill and a little bit of luck. Naturally, as a golf center, Pennington has other facilities, including a driving range. Their well-trained staff comes with high acclaim, and they’ll be able to help you with improving your swing and picking the right club to complement your style.

Pine Creek Miniature Golf in Ringoes

Similarly to Windsor Greens, the mini golf at Pine Creek Miniature Golf is a decidedly sophisticated course, or, as Pine Creek puts it, one with “no gimmicks.” Visitors praise the course for its demanding holes which bring delight to the young and old alike. Unlike the other two golf centers, Pine Creek focuses solely on mini golf. Looking at the ground, it’s clear they take their putt putt seriously, with a 12-acre course that takes design into just as much account as you’d expect at a full-on golf course, including a front nine and back nine. If you decide to hit up Pine Creek, bring your camera, as there are a ton of great photo opportunities of the surrounding nature.

Each of these courses offers something a little bit different, and no matter who you decide to visit with, everyone will be sure to enjoy. Thankfully, they’re all within close distance, and each has reasonable prices, meaning there’s no excuse not to try them all!

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