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If you’re in any way financially savvy, you’ll know that, almost every time, cooking at home is the cheapest way to have a nice meal. That said, some instances call for something a little more special, a little classier. Princeton has tons of dining options that provide many different exciting cuisines for all sorts of occasions, no matter what time of day. If you fancy some gourmet excitement, be sure to catch a meal at one (or all!) of these Princeton restaurants.

Have a Sweet Breakfast at Jammin’ Crepes

The beauty of crepes is their versatility. Something heavy or something light and sweet – no matter what you’re in the mood for, a well-made crepe can usually hit the spot. At Jammin’ Crepes, you can have breakfast your way, whether that’s with traditional breakfast ingredients like bacon, egg, and cheese, or something a little indulgent, such as the “Nut-Cho-Tella,” made with a hazelnut and almond chocolate spread. But perhaps the most impressive feat at Jammin’ is the restaurant’s 20-layer crepe cake.

Grab Brunch at Agricola Eatery

It’s said that eating locally is one of the more environmentally conscious decisions you make with your food, and it’s something that Agricola Eatery bases its business around. Sourcing their food from the Great Road Farm and other nearby businesses, this place is perfect for brunches – so much so that they have a dedicated brunch menu, which includes such delights as smoked salmon toast. Make it an even more lively brunch with morning/afternoon-appropriate drinks such as a lavender gimlet or the Beauty and the Beets, made with bourbon, elderflower syrup, lemon, and beets. The interesting culinary experiments continue on through dinner, with the menu including duck, oysters, and tuna.

Go to Sandwich Heaven at Hoagie Haven

Raise your hand if you go-to lunch is a sandwich. OK, even if your hand isn’t raised, you’re going to want to pop by Hoagie Haven to grab one of Princeton’s best sandwiches. With offerings such as the Middle Finger and Phat Lady, there’s little question that Hoagie Haven tends to cater to the local college population, but make no mistake: one of these hoagies will be satisfying no matter your age. You might, however, want to take a temporary break from your diet – the Mac Daddy comes loaded with mac and cheese wedges, fries, honey mustard, and hot sauce.

Visit Mistral for a Posh Twist on Surf ‘n’ Turf

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Whether you’re looking to impress your palate or your dinner date, Mistral is the place to go. While the prices at this fine-dining restaurant might make it an every-once-in-a-while event, whatever you choose to eat here will be sure to leave a lasting impression. The menu, which is split into two sections of entrees inspired by water and land, includes grilled octopus, lamb break confit, and tea smoked stuffed quail. Although the dishes are meant to be shared among the table, you’ll find them to be so good that you probably won’t want to share!

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