Activities to Fill a Rainy Summer Day

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There’s a lot of outdoor activities to look forward to during summer, but unfortunately, not every day can be a winner when it comes to the weather. Inevitably, there’s going to be a weekend or two in which you and the family are confined to your home because of rain. Rainy days are a great chance for getting some housework done and cleaning up, but that’s certainly no fun, is it? Here are some better ways to spend your rainy days.

Suss Out a Puzzle

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is a great, all-ages activity that is calming yet still just stimulating enough to be interesting. No matter who’s participating, there are puzzles available for all skill levels. Plus, the pitter-patter of the rain outside will serve as the most fitting soundtrack to puzzle-solving. If you’re looking for something a little more lively and competitive, you could hold a contest to see who can put together their puzzle the quickest.

Hold a Movie Marathon

Sometimes, being rained in is an opportunity for a much-needed rest day best passed in front of the television. You could binge watch the new season of your favorite TV show, but if you’re at home with the rest of your family, you can do a bit better. Instead, consider holding a movie marathon. There are a few funs ways you could go about doing this. You could have everyone at home pick a movie based around a certain theme, or you could hold a screening of everyone’s favorite film.

Make Your Own Movie

As easy it is to just throw on a movie or two, you and your family may be feeling a little restless sitting around so much. For the more active types, think about making your own entertainment instead. Making a movie encourages creativity, and even if the result isn’t Hollywood-level, it’ll still create some special memories. For added effect, put together some costumes and perhaps even work on a script together. Depending on how in-depth you want to get with it (or how long everyone can keep their attention on it), this activity could last all day.

Organize a Treasure Hunt

This idea takes only a little time to set up but can be rewarding for the whole family. If you have little ones, holding a treasure hunt is a wonderful way to get the kids active while you sit back and watch. All you have to do is write down some mysterious clues on scrap paper and hide them around your home. Just be sure to have a nice treasure waiting at the end of the hunt!

Get Started on the Things You’ve Been Meaning To

How many things have you been meaning to do, yet keep putting off? “Oh,” you say to yourself, “I’ll get around to that when I have some time.” What better chance than now? Whether you’ve been trying to start reading that book that everyone’s been raving about or you want to start a new hobby, a rainy day is the perfect time to begin.

Whether your rainy day is lazy or active, it’s usually best that it has some purpose to it. With these activities, you’ll pass the day with fun and go back to your regular routine a little more refreshed. Maybe you’ll even find a new activity that’s worth doing even when it isn’t a rainy day.


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