How to Choose the Best Movers in Princeton, NJ

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Yay! You’re moving to Princeton, NJ! Moving doesn’t have to drain your time and energy. Hire a moving crew to get the job done fast and pain free. Before you click on the first link that pops up, do a little research on who the company is and read review about the employees. Movers have a unique job because they are going to be packing all of your personal items as well as transporting it. You don’t want anything to be broken or go missing in between.

Things to look for in a moving company in Princeton, NJ:

Take Inventory: A reputable company will have a system to inventory all of your boxes and items. They will place a barcode sticker on your things, and check them in when they are loaded on the truck. As they unload, the movers will account for every barcode entering the new home.

Do A Walk-Through:  A good company will want to plan ahead to be the most efficient as possible on the day of the move. They may find that they’ll need to bring extra supplies or tools to get all of the furniture out of the building. Once they have a plan, you know that they won’t be wasting your time or money by driving back and forth to get more supplies.

Don’t Pay A Large Deposit: A trustworthy company knows that they will do good work, and that you’ll be happy at the end of the job. There’s no need to pay a large sum upfront. If you do, then you run the risk of having them be careless during the move. They already got the money they need out of you, so they aren’t worried about doing a good job.

Get References on Movers: Look to what people are saying online. You local neighbors have most likely used a moving service in the past. Listen to their experiences and see what companies look the most professional. You can even call the company and ask for 3 local residents who have used their services in the past. Give the previous customers a call to ask detailed questions on their experience. There are several great moving companies located near Princeton, NJ. All 10 of these locations have a 4 star rating or higher. Most have 5 stars.

  1. Movaholics
  2. Strongmile Movers
  3. College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving
  4. Windsor Moving
  5. Big G Movers
  6. County Line Movers
  7. Loyal Moving Helpers
  8. Roadway Moving
  9. Vector Movers
  10. JP Urban Moving

Beware of Hidden Fees: There can be extra costs for packing materials, for moving up or down multiple flights of stairs, or if the movers have to use other pieces of equipment to get the job done. Sometimes the quote that you got at the beginning isn’t what you end up paying. Ask your moving company about hidden fees be

fore you agree to hire them.

Report Damages: It happens. A move almost always guarantees that something is going to break or get scratched. You can only hope that it’s somethingsmall and not important. You typically have 9 months to report anything that is missing, broken, or damaged so that you can receive a refund for the damaged item.

Save your back, and the headache of packing and moving with a reputable moving service. It’s worth the money, and you know you’ll get the job done quickly. Research reviews and get multiple quotes to see which moving service is right for you.

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