Gift Ideas for Your Mother-In-Law this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 13, 2018. It’s hard to think about what to get your own mother, and it’s even more difficult to find the perfect gift for your mother-in-law. You want to show her that you care, but it can be hard finding something that she truly loves and can use. Start your gift journey with inspiration from our list below.

  1. Personalized Family Tree Necklace: Let your Mother-in-law know that she is part of the family by creating a custom necklace for her with birthstone and names of all of the kids. She wants to know that she’s valued and loved by the family as much as your own mother. It’s something unique and beautiful that she can wear with any outfit. It looks great dressed down, and goes well when she wants to get dressed up. She can take the family with her wherever she goes.
  2. Succulent Planter Shelf: Whether your mother-in-law has a green thumb or a brown one, she’ll love this little succulent planters. One reason why succulents have become so popular is the fact that the are so easy to maintain. There’s very little watering and trimming with a succulent. You plant it and get to enjoy it with very little work on your part. Adding some greenery to any space will make the room seem more inviting. She’ll look at her pretty plants and think of you every time.
  3. Antique Books: If your mom-in-law is an avid reader, then she’ll love the special touch of finding her favorite classic book in an antique print. The binding and cover art is unparalleled to modern books. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, and have something to display on a coffee table or nightstand. You can find collectors copies or other antique books at specific stores, or online.
  4. Customized Framed Map of Her Hometown: Find out where she grew up as a child, and create a map of her hometown to frame. A classic black and white image will take her back through memory lane as she remembers her childhood school, her best friends home, and where they went to get ice cream. It’s a special way to celebrate her, and give her the opportunity to recall great memories for years to come.
  5. Commission A Painting Of Her Home/The Home The Family Was Raised In: Contact a local artist and have them create a painting of the home that she raised her family in. If you can’t find a local artist, then try going to etsy or other online sites to send a photo so they can create a custom copy for her. It’s so sentimental and deeply personal. She’ll love displaying this original piece that is near and dear to her heart.
  6. Spa Gift Certificate: She’ll always love a day of peace and relaxation. Gifting her a spa certificate will let her be treated as a queen that she is. Let her know how much you appreciate her by letting her be pampered however she would like at the spa.
  7. Wine Subscription: Let’s face it–your significant other is the reason that your mother needs a drink every now and then. Give her the best wine selection in the nation with a Napa Valley Wine Subscription. There are boxes that start as low as $40. She’ll love having a taste of the best wines in California, and maybe she’ll share a glass with you.
  8. Crystal Dessert Dishes: Now that her kids are grown, and out of the house, she will want to get all the nice things that she never could have while they were kids. Give her a beautiful crystal serving set so she can WOW her guests. Even if she’s the only one having a dessert, she should enjoy it in a beautifully crafted crystal bowl.

Think about all the things that make your mother-in-law who she is, and tailor the gift to that. Maybe she loves glitz and glam, which makes the necklace and crystal a perfect gift. Maybe she was a devoted stay-at-home mom, so she’d love the custom painting of the family home. The best gift in the world to her will be you showing her that that she’s part of your family and that you care about her. Happy Mother’s Day!

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