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It has to be great being the person who always gives the perfect gift. While giving to others is meant to be a subtle and thankless effort, it’s a challenge to find the perfect offering that matches the mood and that the recipient will love as well.

When searching for a housewarming gift, you’ll want to find something that the person will use often and regularly. It also doesn’t hurt if the gift matches the theme or presentation of the apartment, and you can take it a step further by finding something that matches the person’s personality.

That’s a lot to keep in mind, but you’ve come to the perfect place for the best housewarming gift ideas that they are sure to love.

Tool Kit

There’s nothing worse than having something minor happen in your new apartment, without having the tools to fix it quickly. On the other hand, not everyone has a massive tool set with every attachment imaginable. Therefore, a great housewarming gift idea is a beginner tool kit that you know they’ll need. With a hammer, tape measure, some nails, and a few screwdrivers, the recipient will be able to do much more with their new apartment space.

Quick Meal Options

With everything going on during a move, people often don’t have time to go to the grocery store. Help them out by bringing quick meal options that they can make in a hurry. In addition, they may enjoy a travel spice rack, which is as practical as it is decorative. Food is a simple and easy option that is great as a housewarming gift.

A Personalized Basket

Gift-BoxWine, food, candles, potpourri, dog toys – they are all great ideas for housewarming gifts bundled together in a personalized basket. Anything you think the person will appreciate and use in their new space is likely to be something they’ll love to receive as a housewarming gift.

Something To Remember The Moment

Help to commemorate the move by getting something that the person can use to remember this time in their life. An ornament with the year written on it is a creative idea around the holidays, but there are plenty of other decorative pieces to consider throughout the year. For the person that loves to collect things, they’ll love getting a commemorative piece as a way to remember this move.

Fun Fire Extinguisher

Everyone should have a fire extinguisher, but the traditional red model can be an eyesore. Consider the booming industry of personalized fire extinguishers and offer this as a housewarming gift that will also keep the recipient safe.

Decorative Short-Term Art

The walls will look bare without anything to cover them with. Get them something that represents the style they love and also helps to decorate their new pad, with inexpensive short-term art that doesn’t cost a fortune.

A Bottle Opener

Because, really, you can never have too many, but you’ll never want to end up without.

Consider these great housewarming gift ideas and you’re sure to get them something they’ll love.

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