How To Improve Wi-Fi In Your Apartment

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Wi-Fi is incredibly useful for those that use the internet while at home. With a strong Wi-Fi signal, you can access the web from anywhere in your home, without the constraints of wires or other restrictions. However, it’s an unfortunate truth that many people deal with lagging Wi-Fi speeds that can be slow and frustrating.

It’s time to take back the internet and hop online with these tips for how to improve Wi-Fi in your apartment.

Placement Is Key

Where you place your router is going to have a big impact on speeds in the apartment. You should aim to place your router in a place that is open and free of walls or other constraints in its way. Routers may be a bit of an eyesore against the rest of your contemporary furnishings, but keeping it out in the open will help to improve the overall strength. Furthermore, look for a centralized location to place your router in the apartment, as this will help you get Wi-Fi no matter where you are in your home.

Secure Your Network

Giving Wi-Fi to others is a kind gesture and something that your apartment neighbors are likely very happy with. However, when you start having more people all on one wireless network, it can slow things down tremendously. Therefore, set a password for your Wi-Fi network to limit the amount of people that can access it. Not only will this help to improve speeds, but it’ll also help to protect your network from viruses and other intruders.

Get A New Router

Wifi-RouterFor those that have an older router, it may be time to upgrade. Technology updates quickly and new technology is readily available on what seems like a daily basis. Wi-Fi routers are no different, as you can find upgraded models that offer stronger service and more powerful strength. If you’re pointing fingers at your older router as the reason your Wi-Fi is slow, consider an upgrade to a device that can handle your faster requests.

Make Sure Your Gear Is Updated

Even if you have the best Wi-Fi router and other equipment, you’ll still need to run periodic tests to ensure that you are utilizing the latest firmware updates required for the device. Firmware is what helps the router to run properly with updates, which will help to ensure your internet speeds are running as quickly as possible in your apartment. If it’s been a while since your last update and you notice speeds are lagging, look for a firmware update for your device.

Wi-Fi Overload

If you’ve made all these changes and you still notice your Wi-Fi is slow, keep in mind that you may have too many devices set to one network. Think about all the tech devices you have; including your computer, phone, gaming system, tablet, and so much more. All of these devices are going to require your Wi-Fi to split bandwidth, which could be the reason your network is slow. Disconnect your devices and see if this improves the strength.

Stay connected to the world and make sure you enjoy living at home, with this tips for improving Wi-Fi in your apartment.

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