Easy Ideas to Refresh Your Apartment This Spring

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With spring just around the corner (hopefully) now is the time to think about giving your apartment a little “spring refresh.” Your apartment has probably been in warm and cozy mode just like you these past few months and now you can see the light at the end of winter’s tunnel.

There are lots of things you can do to make your home seem more “springy” and most of these projects are inexpensive and easy to undertake. Here are a few ideas to get you started on “de-wintering” your apartment.

Plants and Flowers

easy-ideas-to-refresh-your-apartment-this-springPlants and flowers are an easy addition to any home and immediately bring thoughts of spring. Green plants can kick the winter blues right out of your apartment. Look for apartment-friendly plants that are relatively easy to care for. Plants such as pothos and succulents offer two extremely different looks and each comes in several varieties. You might also pick up some flowers to refresh your apartment. Tulips are a beautiful and colorful flower that screams spring. Or, if tulips aren’t your thing, daisies come in many colors, too.

Tidy Up

If you’ve been spending the winter months all cozied up at home, you may find that you’ve got some additional clutter around the apartment. Now is a great time to tidy up and get rid of some things that are just taking up space. No one expects you to KonMari your place, but a good clean out can free up some space and make your apartment feel more open.

Put the Heavy Blanket Away and Add a Lightweight Throw

Is your big heavy blanket still sitting on your couch? While it was great during the colder months and made for a great Netflix partner, now is the time to put it away and put out something a little lighter. A nice lightweight throw blanket in a spring color can change your living room easily.

Change Your Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are another easy way to change the look of your living room. You can buy pillowcases in florals, bright colors, and vibrant prints that can go over your existing pillows and create a whole new look without buying a new sofa and chair.

Add Spring Scents

Whether it’s candles or an essential oil diffuser, now is the time to change the scents in your apartment. Open up some windows to clear out the “winter smells” and pick up some new candles or essential oils that can help usher in spring. Think citrus, gardenia or jasmine.

Change Your Artwork

You may not always think about changing your artwork, but it is a fantastic and inexpensive way to make an impact on your decor. As with the pillow covers, you can look for bright prints or florals to add to your walls. Look at your own photos and see if there are springtime images that could be framed and hung in your apartment. Art is all about finding what you like!

Add a Rug

If you have a rug down in your apartment to make your home feel cozier, maybe it’s time for a change. By changing out your rug for something not so heavy or brighter in color you will add to the spring vibe.

If you’ve got spring fever then why not let your home reflect it? Spring cleaning is a good place to start and then you can always make these simple changes. Not only will you be ready for spring, but your apartment will be, too!

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