Common Men’s Fashion Faux Pas

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Women’s fashion usually takes the limelight, but men’s fashion is equally as important. There are subtleties that come with looking your best. Take note of the details, and put some effort into constructing your closet. Be careful to not commit any of these fashion faux pas.

  1. common-mens-fashion-faux-pasOver or Under Dressing: Knowing the appropriate dress code can be difficult to figure out. Generally, you want to learn towards the middle of casual and formal, unless otherwise noted. Nothing makes you look more out of place than wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt at a business event. Similarly, a formal tux at a business meeting will also set you out as looking ridiculous.
  2. Casual Shoes with Everything: Sneakers don’t go with everything. They can be comfortable, but take some pride in the way that you look, and give some effort to buying a variety of shoes for different occasions. Boots, loafers, dress shoes, and other casual shoes are must haves in your closet. Mix and match outfits to find the best look. Make sure your belt goes with the color of your shoes.
  3. Clothes That Don’t Fit: When you wear ill-fitting clothes, you look sloppy. If it’s too big, then you look like a kid swimming in their parents clothes. If it’s too tight, then you appear to have gained weight. Plus, neither of these are comfortable to wear. Keep things nicely tailored without showing off every curve. Wear comfortable undergarments to go with your well-fitting clothes.
  4. Overly Trendy: Trends come and go. You shouldn’t build your wardrobe based upon celebrities. Buy staple pieces, and have a few trendy pieces to rotate in and out as the years go by. If you are dressed head to toe in this years trends, then you’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Too many accessories and flair can be distracting. Just choose one or two statement pieces, and let them speak for themselves.
  5. Cheap Material: Even if you appear to be well put together, cheap material will call you out every time. Poor quality clothes will wrinkle easily, feel tough, and fall apart in the wash. It’s better to wear a boring high quality shirt, than to have a loud, cheap shirt. Invest in some articles of clothing that are high quality. You can accessorize with a few cheaper trendy items if you must.
  6. Buttons: Oxford shirts are classics, but buttoning too few or too many buttons can make you look silly. Too few buttons is screaming for attention, which makes you look juvenile. Too many buttons, and you’ll need a pocket protector. Having one or two relaxed buttons at the top is the way to go.
  7. Overly Branded Clothing: Young kids should be the only ones that wear clothes that have the name brand plastered across it. Same goes for highly graphic t-shirts. It’s not that this can’t be artfully done, but it takes a lot of skill and professional touch. If you aren’t sure you can pull this off, then leave it alone. You don’t want to look like a 13 year old showboating their favorite store.

The way we look is the first thing that people notice about us. The last thing you want to do is tell someone you are immature because of your clothing choices. Put your best face forward by taking some time to figure out what styles suit your body type the best. Get measured by professionals, and take clothes to tailors to have them fit you perfectly. You’ll be impressing everyone that you come across.

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