Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spread some love. While adults may take the time to give flowers, candy, or other costly items, children often don’t have the same type of budget. Luckily, a bit of creativity can go a long way when giving a Valentine’s Day gift that’ll warm the heart.

Get out the glue sticks and get ready to make some awesome Valentine’s Day crafts for kids with these ideas.

Paper Heart Garland

Whether it’s around the classroom or inside the house, these paper heart garlands will spread some love. An incredibly easy project that’s perfect for all ages, prepare slips of paper varying sizes in length to begin. Continue by rolling them into a heart design and finish by combing them together with string. Hang them up and it’s the perfect chance to show off a creative side of love this Valentine’s Day.

Valentines-Day-CraftsX & O Treats

There are plenty of hugs and kisses with these tasty treats. Your little baker will enjoy getting the opportunity to crack some eggs and show off their skills in the kitchen. And since it’s an easy cooking project, parents won’t have to worry about an extreme cleanup. These treats are perfect for a Valentine’s Day party at school, or for just having around the home to snack on.

“I Love You This Much” Card

Stray away from the typical store-bought cards and get creative with these I Love You This Much alternatives. This is a ton of loving that the kids will be spreading and they’ll have equally as much fun making the project. What might be best is how easy they are to make, needing just a few pieces of paper and marker to whip up this project.

Heart Stamps

Seal your approval of love with these cute heart stamps. This project is perfect for kids of all ages and you likely already have an old cardboard tube lying around the house. Add a squirt of paint and carefully make a heart, and your kids can add this stamp to love letters and other cute messages this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Monster Boxes

Your classroom will look adorable with a bunch of these Valentine’s Monster Boxes atop student desks. Each student can make their own loveable character that features their personality and they can then be used on Valentine’s Day for sharing cards. Add some love to the classroom this year with these cute boxes.

Handmade Party Invitations

Planning on throwing a Valentine’s Day party this year? Let everyone know in advance by creating these cute handmade party invitations. Not only will your kids love creating this crafty project, but it offers a personal touch for those you love this Valentine’s. Keep in mind that this project does get a bit messy, so keep a close eye on children who may need help keeping things clean.

Warm their hearts this year with a bit of creativity by preparing these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids that are sure to be a hit.

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