The Best Home Decor Boards On Pinterest That You Should Be Following

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When it comes to decorating your home, what’s your style? Do you like rustic? Modern? Minimalist? And, more importantly, where do you find your inspiration?

There are lots of places you can go to find home decor ideas. Magazines, Instagram, and HGTV all come to mind. But the ultimate source of design ideas has to be Pinterest. After all, Pinterest is like a digital bulletin board, and it’s perfect for sharing ideas, designs, and all things related to home decor.

The problem is that Pinterest can be overwhelming when you start to search. There are millions of boards and millions of “pins” to look at. But if you’re interested in ideas for your apartment – here are a few outstanding “pinners” to check out.

  • Kate La Vie: Kate La Vie is a lifestyle blogger, and she has amassed quite the Pinterest collection. And, while she blogs about a variety of topics and has Pinterest boards ranging from “Cocktails” to “In Bloom” – you need to look at her home decor boards. She has boards on “Seating” and “Bar Carts” and so much more. Inspiration galore!
  • Lobster and Swan: Jeska is the curator of all the pins on the Lobster and Swan Pinterest boards. With 56 different boards, there is no shortage of ideas here. Check out her “Living Spaces” board for some gorgeous ideas that will have you wanting to redecorate your living room immediately.
  • Moorea Seal: Moorea Seal is a store based in Seattle (but they also have an online store), and they have an amazing collection of pins. While they cover more than just home decor on their 82 boards, you can find collections of pins related to workspaces, dining rooms, and powder rooms. Of course, with over 6500 pins – be sure to look at “Home Decor.”
  • Ben Uyeda: Ben Uyeda is the design director for and the co-founder of, and he has some of the coolest Pinterest boards around. He’s got boards related to hammocks, fabric, minimalism, and more.
  • Tyler Wisler Home: Tyler Wisler is a tv personality and designer who has some great boards with awesome ideas. “Feeling Crafty” and “Gifts for the Homebody” are two that you should definitely check out, but spend some time perusing his other boards, too. Lots of fantastic ideas!
  • Holly Phillips – The English Room: It’s going to take you a while to look at all of the Pinterest boards that Holly Phillips has put together – because she has 299 of them (when this was written). But if you need a place to start, go to “Home Decor Inspiration.” You won’t be sorry.
  • Julie – My Wee Abode: Julie lives in California and shares affordable ideas for small homes and apartments – and she has a ton of them! Whether you’re looking for ideas as the seasons change or you have a specific room that you want some help with – this is a great site to start with.
  • The DIY Dreamer: Do you love to DIY when you can? Then check out The DIY Dreamer. There’s more than just home decor here, but that’s okay. You’ll love all of the DIY ideas, and you’re sure to be inspired to take on a few more projects around your own home.

Pinterest is the perfect place to find some inspiration and search for new ideas when it comes to decorating your own home. You’ll love checking out the boards listed here – and be sure to share your favorites if they didn’t make the list.

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