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Benjamin Franklin once said, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t always feel like the case. You can spend tons of time getting organized, and it might not feel like you’ve gained much – whether it be time, space, or whatever! 

While Benjamin Franklin probably had organizational “hacks” during his time, they certainly weren’t called that, and they definitely weren’t as popular as they are today. It seems there are hacks for just about everything! 

If you’re looking for some hacks that might help you organize a few things around your place, here are a few that are really popular right now!

  • DIY Command Center: Do you have a “Command Center” in your home? If not, you definitely need to create one! They are great for keeping everyone organized and for keeping track of bills, school paper, and other important items. You can use your command center to create charts, share your weekly menu, and keep track of your car keys. 
  • Shower Rings to the Rescue: Do you have some clutter that you need to take care of? Shower rings may be able to help! Scarves, belts, purses, and hats can all be corralled with a few shower rings. Additionally, you might use them to keep track of your crafting tools or jewelry. And remember, there are several different types of shower rings – so pick up the right ones for your project!
  • Bread Clips for Your Power Cables: Messy cables are a problem for everyone. And you probably try and ignore them as much as possible – until one day your internet goes out and you need to reboot everything. And then you wonder, “Which cable actually goes to the router?” Save a few of those clips that come on your loaves of bread and then label them and put them around each cord. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to keep track of power cords vs. cable cords vs. computer cords – or whatever cords you may have.
  • Magnetic Strip in Your Medicine Cabinet: Are you constantly searching through an overcrowded medicine cabinet in search of your tweezers or nail clippers? Add a simple magnetic strip to the inside of your cabinet, and your tiny tools can all hang there. Additionally, you can add more magnetic strips and place magnets on the back of things (for example, cosmetics) and hang them from the magnetic strips to gain more space.
  • Organize Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls: Every new device that comes into your home probably comes with a cord. And, if you’re like most people, you just keep dropping them into a drawer. While many are interchangeable, some are not – and when you go to find that one cord you need – you can’t seem to put your hands on it. Hold onto those toilet paper rolls, mark the object the cord goes to on it, and then place the cord inside it neatly. Problem solved!
  • Space-Saving Drop-Down Desk: Would you like a desk, but are you not sure where you’d put it? This Space-Saving Drop-Down Desk is a fairly easy DIY, and you’ll love how functional it is!
  • Picture Frame Message Board: Need to leave a message for the kids or a spouse? Trying to cut down on all of those little post-it notes? Then make a picture frame message board. Super easy and inexpensive – you can customize it with a pretty paper of your choice and pick up a few dry-erase markers to keep on hand.

Hacks are strategies or shortcuts designed to save you time, help you do things more efficiently, or just make your life easier. Hopefully, some of these organization hacks will do just that for you!

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