Living in Luxury: 5 Ways to Make Any Room Look and Feel More Elegant

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You don’t need a designer to decorate your home to achieve a stylish makeover. You also don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a luxurious feel to your space! It’s easy to stay within budget by keeping things minimal with only a few items that you want to shine. Stay true to your sense of style, and find ways to elevate your living space, no matter which room you’re decorating.

  1. Large Statement Artwork: Having one large stand-alone piece of art will make the space feel elevated. It’s fine to be oversized. Let the work shine alone, without smaller frames and pictures around it. You can scour yard sales, flea markets, or even make one yourself if you are feeling creative. Give it a simple, yet classic frame to go around it to make it look finished. But remember, you want the artwork to speak, not the frame.
  2. Vintage Rug: If you have a funky style, then keeping things young and fresh with a vintage rug is a fun way to spice up a room. Large decorative area rugs are great for making a luxury statement. There’s a few things that you need to keep in mind while shopping. Find a rug that is large, but one that fits the space. There’s nothing worse than a crumbled up spot because it doesn’t fit just right. Also, if you are going the vintage route, make sure to look the rug over well before buying. You don’t want stains or spots that are worn out from foot traffic. That can take your look from luxury to unkept very quickly.
  3. Add a Sculptural Piece: This is a similar concept as the large statement piece. Something that is bold and artistic is the perfect way to showcase your unique style. A sculpture isn’t a necessary or functional piece, which is why it adds to the feeling of luxury. Having something that is solely for the purpose of design creates an idea of affluence.
  4. Have an Antique on Display: Find something that is of importance to you, and find a beautiful antique that you can showcase. If you love medieval literature, then have an ancient knife framed that goes by your collection of books. If your ancestry is important to you, then find something that relates back to the culture that you’re from. You can have a weathered artifact that was found under the sea from a Viking ship, or a colonial cannon ball to set on the mantle. It’s a great conversation piece as well as something that represents who you are.
  5. Hanging Light Fixture: Adding in a hanging light fixture brings elegance and style to any room. If you don’t have a connection for it, there are trendy cords and hangers to mount it to the ceiling. If all else fails, then having a bold floor lamp that arches over the seating area.

When you have just a few things that take the spotlight, then you and your guests can appreciate their unique value. Make those few things bold, strong pieces that can stand alone. It’s fine to put a little extra cash into one or two things that you absolutely love, than to spend it on ten small things that you like. Stay within the same style, find statement pieces, keep it minimal, and you’ll have a refreshed new look in no time.

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