Vacationing to Disney? Here’s What You Need to Know/Bring

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Disney is a magical place that has captivated people of all ages for over half a century. It’s fantastic how the movies and stories all come to life. It’s a huge park, with little nooks and crannies everywhere. Be sure to do a little planning before you make the trip so you make the most out of your day. 

How To Plan for Disney

  1. Advanced Dining Reservations: If there is a specific restaurant that you want to visit, you should make plans for it in advance. You can make reservations starting 180 days out from your time at the park. Things like Be Our Guest fill up quickly, so planning ahead will secure you a spot at the table.
  2. Extra Magic Hours: If you’re staying at one of the Disney hotels on site, then you will get a few extra hours a day to enjoy the park without the massive crowds. They are early in the morning and later at night.
  3. FastPass+: Choose a few rides that are a must for you, and get the FastPass+. This helps you skip the line so you can jump to the front and avoid standing around for hours. It’ll help you make more of your day at the park.
  4. Magic Bands: If you are a resident at one of the Disney hotels, then you’ll already have one of these. It’s a bracelet that is everything you need all in one. It acts as your room key, park tickets, photo storage, and more. If you aren’t staying at the hotel, you can still get one by paying $12.50/band.

What To Bring to Disney

  1. Bookbag: Have a lightweight, wearable bag that can fit all of the little things that you’ll need throughout the day. You’ll want to have a safe place for your wallet, keys, phones, and a few extra things to make the day more comfortable. You may end up making a few purchases throughout the day too, so it’ll be nice to store them away so you can be hands free.
  2. Snack Bars: The lines for rides are long, and there’s not always easy access food available. Have a few snack bars on hand so you can keep the group happy until you’re able to find a restaurant to sit and eat.
  3. Baby Wipes: No matter what time you visit the parks, you’ll get hot and sweaty. It is Florida. Pack a few baby wipes to freshen up throughout the day. It’s also great to have to clean off hands in a pinch before you eat.
  4. Ponchos: Again, this is Florida. The weather is hot and humid, which makes for afternoon showers often. Don’t miss out on the fun adventures because of the weather. Pop on a poncho and keep having fun.
  5. Ziplock Plastic Bag: Keep valuables and electronics in a sealable plastic bag to prevent any damage from water. It also helps you find your important things quickly.
  6. Comfortable Shoes: You’re going to be walking and standing a large part of the day. Pack a very comfortable pair of shoes that will keep working for you all day. You’ll want some cushion and padding, but you shouldn’t be walking on pillows. Will all of the up and down hills, the extra cushion will make you lose your balance.
  7. Sunscreen: If you’re not from the southern part of the United States, you may be in for a shock when it comes to the heat and sun! Southern states are closer to the equator, and the heat is especially humid in Florida. Protect yourself a few times a day by reapplying sunscreen throughout.
  8. Water Bottle: Bring in an empty water bottle so you can stay hydrated for the entire day. There are plenty of water fountains around the park to refill at. You’ll be glad you did.

Disney is an adventure of a lifetime, and one you and your family won’t ever forget. Make it a great day all around by being extra prepared for anything that may come your way.

P.S. You should yell “Andy’s Coming!” and see what happens to all of the characters around you. It’ll make everyone laugh!

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