Great Places to Shop Near Princeton, NJ

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For week-to-week shopping, you’ve always got plenty of supermarkets nearby to help you get the job done. But when you’re looking to have a more relaxed shopping experience, or perhaps you’re looking to purchase something a little more specific, the big-box stores might not cut it. Whether browsing or buying, those who fancy a day out should visit these great places to shop in the Princeton area.

Princeton Shopping Center

At about 60 years old, the Princeton Shopping Center is a time-honored Princeton landmark. It’s also a pretty great place to shop. The outdoor mall, which is home to about 50 businesses, includes national chains like ACE Hardware and Great Clips, along with local businesses such as the Princeton Ballet School and American Sew-Vac. If you get hungry while shopping here, you have a few unique options to choose from, including Nomad Pizza and The Taco Truck. You can also take a break and rest your weary feat at the center’s outdoor courtyard, which is surrounded by a peaceful garden of flowers and trees.


Another local favorite, MarketFair is a little smaller than other local shopping areas, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting – it’s still got a fantastic range of stores for you to peruse. Businesses at MarketFair range from shopping center staples such as Starbucks and Banana Republic to more specialized stores like Scandinavian furniture company BoConcept and ceramics manufacturer Villeroy & Bach. Feel like catching a movie?  MarketFair has an AMC on premises, featuring all the latest films.

Princeton Forrestal Village

Some shopping centers take the “strip mall” approach, putting the focus entirely on the businesses. This isn’t the case with Princeton Forrestal Village, an outdoor mall that takes inspiration from small-town city centers. The shopping center even has a town square of sorts, complete with a water fountain that’s proven to be photogenic with visitors. Along with a small mix of boutique shops, restaurants, and services, the Village is also the home of the Westin Princeton hotel. Forrestal Village isn’t just a nice place to shop; it’s also a wonderful place to hang around for a while!

Quaker Bridge Mall

As far as malls go, Quaker Bridge might offer the largest selection of stores in the Princeton area. With more than 90 businesses within this indoor mall, a visit to Quaker Bridge is perfect for window-shopping. From Hot Topic to Victoria’s Secret, Spencer’s to Michael Kors, there’s a store for everyone here. And of course, what shopping mall experience is complete without a trip to the food court? Dining options at Quaker Bridge include Auntie Anne’s, the Cheesecake Factory, and more. If you haven’t visited the mall in a while, you’ll want to check it out again, as it’s recently undergone some well-needed renovations.

Online shopping continues to take a larger part of the shopping pie, but sometimes you just can’t beat shopping in person. Whether you want to have a look at what’s new, or you want to check something out before you buy it, you’ll find that these shopping centers are your best options.

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