The Biggest Albums Set to Release in 2017

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If you’re old enough to remember a time before the internet, then you remember how difficult it was to stay current on music releases. Not only did you have to seek out the music yourself, but you also had to pay big money anytime you wanted an album for yourself. Now, thanks to streaming services like Spotify, it’s easy to listen to as many new albums as you wish. With that in mind, here are the biggest albums that’ll be coming out in 2017.

Drake, “More Life”

All right, Drake’s last effort, 2016’s “Views” wasn’t received so warmly. While “Hotline Bling” made a big dent on radio airwaves, critics and fans found this record to be more of the same, and not necessarily better. That’s why people are a little more excited for “More Life,” which escapes the common definition of an album. Rather, Drake–in collaboration with Apple–is billing it as a playlist, which, somewhat oddly, still features him and a bunch of guest stars. The end result will probably end up looking a lot like a regular old album, but here’s hoping it turns out a little better than “Views.”  

Fleet Foxes, “Ylajali”

Fleet Foxes may not have the biggest audience in the world, but the audience they do have is eagerly awaiting their fifth full-length effort, which is rumored to be called “Ylajali” (say that three times fast). It’s been six long, long years since their second album, “Helplessness Blues” was released to massive critical acclaim – well, massive among the indie music world, that is. While we haven’t yet gotten any sneak peeks at what this record will have in store, it’s sure to include that trademark folksy sound that they’re known for.

New Gorillaz Album

You might not know the name Gorillaz, but you definitely know some of the songs. “Feel Good, Inc.,” their biggest hit, was the soundtrack to that iconic iPod commercial – you know, that one with the dancing silhouettes. While Gorillaz is headed up by musician Damon Albarn and animator Jamie Hewlett in real life, it also exists as a “virtual band,” kind of like a modern-day Monkees. With each album release, the mythology of the band’s animated members grows, and rabid fans are looking forward to the new music just as much as they are to seeing what the characters have been up to.

New Arcade Fire Album

Canadian rock group Arcade Fire hit the big time a few years ago when they won the 2011 Grammy Album of the Year for “The Suburbs,” ushering in a new mainstream era for indie rock. Whether or not their previous album, “Reflektor,” lived up to that album is a debate for another day, the band hasn’t put out a bad album yet. That means there’s a lot to look forward to in this mysterious new album that’s set to release in 2017.

New Taylor Swift Album – Maybe

OK, there’s been no official word that T-Swift is putting out a new record this year. However, she’s put out a record every two years for the past decade. Her last album came out in 2014. You do the math. Taylor Swift’s transition from country star to pop megastar has been extremely smooth and well-publicized, but what can we expect in the future? More breakup power anthems? More radio chart toppers? More awesome guest collabs? The answer is probably all of the above.

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