DIY Gift Ideas that Don’t Look Cheap

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Receiving a handmade gift is so much more meaningful than receiving a store-bought product. It shows that person took time and care into the gift. The only downside is that sometimes it looks homemade. Put your craft skills to work and show off your best work with these simple DIY gifts that will WOW your friends!

  1. DIY giftSugar Body Scrub Exfoliant: It doesn’t take much to make a fancy scrub that anyone on your list will love. For a warm winter scent, you can take brown sugar, vanilla extract, a little oil and a scoop of granulated sugar to make a fantastic gift. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl, and pack it into a glass jar or festive tin that will keep moisture out. To top it off, tie an antique spoon around the lid to get the perfect amount every time. It will look and smell professional, while being thrifty on your part.
  2. Lap Desk Table: Do you know someone who loves to snack on the couch? Or maybe you know someone that works from home and is always out and about with their laptop. The perfect gift for these people is a portable tabletop for their lap. It takes a few steps to make, but it’s not incredibly complicated. You’ll need some foam core, a foam board, fabric, and a cut of wood. You can add a sticker or paint a design on the top if desired. Wrap the foam core and board in the fabric, and attach the wood top for a comfy tabletop.
  3. Custom Coasters: Custom coasters are the perfect way to show off your creativity without going overboard. Start off with a basic tile, which you can find at any home improvement store. Find the image that you want to apply to the tile. It can be wallpaper, a photo, prints, a painting, or anything of the like. Cut the paper to fit the size of the tile. Glue the paper down and add a varnish enamel on top to protect it. Voila! Custom coasters!
  4. Monogrammed Wall Art: No matter where you look, monograms are still popular and in every design magazine. From tea towels, to tote bags and wall art, monograms are here to stay. It’s so simple, and yet so meaningful. Start by finding your initial that you will use. It can be wood or metal. Cover a flat background in paint, fabric, or stained wood. Glue the letter to the background. Add a frame to dress it up it the edges are unfinished.
  5. Marbled Candle Holders: Tall wax candles are beautiful. They add elegance to dinner tables, and make gorgeous holiday centerpieces. Modern looking candle holders are difficult to come by. Keep that sleek look the whole year with these holders. Take black clay, and add specks of white clay in it. Roll it together until the two colors are swirled. Place in a ramekin, press a hole in the center, and bake until hard. Remove the clay, and use a flat edge knife to cut the top for a smooth look. Varnish, and gift!

Be proud of your gifts and save some extra cash with your DIY Christmas gifts. You’ll have fun making them as well. You can be as creative or as uniform as you’d like. Either way, you’ll have room in your budget for everyone on your list.

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