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There are countless charities out asking for your donations. You have a giving heart, and want to help others. How do you know that your money is actually going to support the cause that the person claims? It’s not wrong to ask how these organizations plan to use your donations. There are numerous charities that use their 501(c)3 status to secure money to use for personal or political gains. They take advantage of generous people and loosely base a program around a cause to gain capital. Some charities with high ranking employees receive hefty paychecks and large bonuses at the end of the year. Paying someone well for their work is warranted, but when it goes unchecked, it can become dangerous; especially when that money is intended to go to help support a common problem. For the average person, it is hard to constantly do research to ensure that the charity is trustworthy.

We’ve found sources that have done extensive research to find how each charity uses the funds it receives. The charities on this list spend at least 75% or more on the programs that they are intended for. These charities also wisely spend their money on fundraisers, and pay their employees a reasonable wage. Much more goes into running a charity than simply collecting donations. There are marketing costs, building overhead costs, salaries, and any other normal expense a business would have. There are a good many that should be on this list. We’ve compiled the top few in different categories for the top 20. When you give to any one of these, you can be confident that the money you give is going towards finding real solutions to the problem it touts.

  1. Alzheimer’s Association
  2. Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  3. African Wildlife Foundation
  4. Marine Toys for Tots
  5. Petsmart Charities
  6. Prevent Child Abuse America
  7. Unbound
  8. Conservation Fund
  9. Waterkeeper Alliance
  10. National Rifle Association
  11. American Kidney Fund
  12. Africare
  13. All Hands Volunteers
  14. American Refugee Committee
  15. National Council on Aging
  16. Fisher House Foundation
  17. Semper Fi Fund
  18. Scholarship America
  19. Cancer Research Institute of New York
  20. National Alliance to End Homelessness

The organizations listed above have gone above and beyond to ensure the money they receive goes directly to the problem at hand. The causes range from child abuse, to disease, and veteran support. We want to alleviate some of the bad in this world, but we aren’t always able to go out and do the work. Supporting these organizations with our dollars, gives them the resources they need to tackle these ugly problems.

Give, and give often, but know who you are giving to. You have a love and a passion for the cause that you are giving to. Things can get hairy when large amounts of money get involved. These organizations have put in place preventative methods to ensure that the money received always makes it back to the cause. Make sure that the money you are donating goes where you intend it to. We want to see actionable solutions to these real problems we face.

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