6 Tips to Save on Your Heating Bill This Winter

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It’s cold and snowy outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay out the nose to be comfortable in your own home. Everyone loves saving money, especially when it only takes a few simple steps. You don’t have to dread looking at your utilities bill this winter; save on your heating bill this winter with these six tips.

  1. Circulation with Ceiling Fans: We typically think of fans as a way to cool down. Think back to your science classes in school. Hot air rises, and cool air sits lower. We can use our ceiling fans strategically to control the airflow. If you flip the switch on the ceiling fan to make it rotate clockwise, it will push the warm air down. Keep the fan on a low setting to keep the warm air circulating down.
  2. Capture the Sun: The sun’s rays are powerful, even during the winter months. Keep your window blinds up to let as much sun in as possible during the day. At night, close the blinds to keep the heat in as much as possible.
  3. Bundle Up at Home: Instead of running to the thermostat to bump up the heat, layer on more clothes. Throw on the blankets on the sofa, put the rugs down to keep the floors from being too chilly, and wear socks and sweaters. You’ll stay nice and warm, and you’ll save more money than you think by not turning up the heat.
  4. Set the Thermostat Lower: To go with your extra layers around the house, keep the thermostat set lower than during the fall and spring time. Experts say that for every degree you turn the thermostat down, you can save about 3% on your energy bill. If your energy bill is typically $200/month, and you move your thermostat from 74 to 68 degrees, your bill could drop to $164/month. That can really add up over the course of a year!
  • Another trick is to set your thermostat even lower at night. Our bodies naturally sleep better in a slightly cooler environment. At night, set your thermostat a few degrees lower than during the day, and save even more on your energy bill. Pile on the flannel sheets and comforters, and you’ll stay nice and warm through the night.
  1. Humidifiers: All of the cold winter air sucks the moisture out of the air. With the heaters running, the air gets dry and thin. Air that has more moisture will hold the heat in longer and make you feel warmer. Use humidifiers in your living space to keep the heat in and leave the dry air behind.
  2. Use Exhaust Fans Sparingly: The exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom are designed to pull air out. Usually they are located on or near the ceiling, which means they are pulling your warm air out of your space. Sometimes, it’s necessary to put the fan on, but turn don’t leave them running for hours at a time. Remember to quickly turn the off whenever you no longer need them.

Turning down the thermostat helps a great deal, but there are plenty of other little things that can help keep costs down. Trap in your heat by using the sun, push down warm air with fans, and create a comfortable living space with humidifiers. Stay warm and cozy all winter long!

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