7 Reasons to Take Your Exercise Outdoors

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What has your exercise routine looked like for the past few months? Have you been logging miles on the treadmill? Taking spin classes? Hitting up your local CrossFit box for a workout? Those are all great workouts, but are you ready for something new? It’s time to head outside and here’s why!

exercising outdoorsIt’s Time for a Change of Scenery

After months and months of working out in the same space due to the colder weather, you are probably ready for a change of scenery. No more waiting for a treadmill to open up or the set of weights you need to be free when you can head outdoors. You can enjoy the great outdoors while you work up a sweat.

There’s More Space

Were your classes always filled with lots of people during the winter months? Was it elbow to elbow in your yoga class? Then heading outdoors can definitely make your exercise routine feel less crowded. Wide open spaces on the running trail or local park will make your workout much more enjoyable. And, it’s a great way to unwind after a day of work.

You Can Get Creative

You may have spent the winter doing the same exercise routine. While the same workouts may have kept you active and healthy, they may have become very routine and monotonous. When you head outside, you can be creative. You can go running, and if you come across a park bench, you might do some dips or step ups. See a park as you ride your bike, take some time to get off your bike and do some pushups or situps. Use all of the space to your advantage and create some new, original workouts.

It Improves Your Mood

Did you know that inhaling fresh air raises your oxygen level, which in turn boosts your serotonin levels? And guess what? When your serotonin levels increase, your mood improves. Also, when you exercise you release endorphins, which are additional neurotransmitters that can boost your mood.

You’ll Save Some Money

While you have a great fitness center at your apartment, you may have an additional membership to a club or gym that allows you to participate in group fitness programs. For the spring and summer, you might consider putting your membership on hold so you can enjoy the outdoors while you exercise – and put a few extra dollars in your wallet.

You Can Increase Your Levels of Vitamin D

Did you know that vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin”? While you can get this vitamin through supplements, which many people do in the winter months due to the decreased hours of daylight, when spring and summer come around you can get this vitamin by heading outside.  Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for good health, and how great to know that you can get it naturally from being outside in the sunshine.

It Improves Your Mind

Recent studies have shown that being outside has a lot of great benefits for your mind. It has been shown to:

  • Improve your short-term memory
  • Have a de-stressing effect
  • Fight depression and anxiety
  • Improve your ability to focus
  • Increase your creativity

Are you convinced that it’s time to head outside and exercise? Of course, if you’re looking for a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding

Change up your workout routine and head outside! You’ll reap more than fitness benefits when you do!

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