Tips for Planning a Graduation Party

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Guess what time it is? It’s graduation party time! And if you have a child graduating from high school or college, you may be planning a graduation party.

graduation partyPlanning a graduation party doesn’t have to be stressful. Take the time to answer these questions, and you can quickly nail down the basics of your party and move on from there.

What Kind of Party Do You Want to Throw?

Are you looking to host a come-n-go party? A brunch? A dessert open house? A barbecue? Deciding what kind of party you’ll throw for your favorite graduate will really help get the ball rolling with party planning. Whether you want something casual or more formal to celebrate this momentous event, you’ll choose what’s perfect for your graduate.

Who Are You Inviting?

Now you need to establish a guest list. Will it be a family-only event? Or, will you be inviting friends and neighbors to come celebrate? There’s no right or wrong answer to who you invite. It depends on space and how big you want the celebration to be. Some graduates will prefer a smaller event with family only so they can thank those closest to them for supporting them. Others will want a big party with all of their friends.

When Will It Be?

Picking a date and time will be important as others will be hosting graduation parties, too. If you have friends and family who will also have children graduating, you want to make sure you don’t overlap with their party dates. Don’t hesitate to ask family and friends their plans so you can all coordinate accordingly – ensuring that everyone will make it to all the parties. You might choose to hold your party slightly before graduation or even several weeks after the big day.

Where Will It Be?

There are lots of different places where you can hold a party. Your home or a restaurant are popular choices. But, you might also consider a park, the beach, or banquet hall. Think about your theme and the number of guests at the party you are planning as you choose a venue.

What Will You Serve?

If you have decided on the kind of party you’re having, you may have some ideas as to what food you’d like. Will you have a buffet? Sit-down meal? Dessert only? Appetizers only? A taco bar? The choices are limitless.

Who Will Do the Food?

You now need to decide whether you will prepare the food yourself or whether you will have it catered or provided by your event space. Each choice has its pros and cons. Doing it yourself may save you money, but having it catered could save you time and effort.

What Else?

You’ll probably want to put some personal touches on your graduation party. Will you have party favors? Do you want to share pictures of the graduate? Will you have a guest book where people can share words of advice? It’s the little touches that make your party special.

When it comes to planning a graduation party – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends and family may be more than happy to lend a hand to help you set up and prepare for your graduation party.

A party is a great way to celebrate the milestone of graduating from high school or college. A party can bring together family and friends and make your favorite graduate feel loved. Use these quick tips to help you plan a fun and successful event.

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