5 Stay-at-Home Career Ideas for Single Moms

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Single mothers wear a lot of hats. They have many people and things that rely on them and take up their time, and it doesn’t always fit into a perfect schedule. A great way for a single mom to make a living while providing for the family is to have a stay-at-home position that allows some flexibility. Before jumping ship on your current job, ask your employer first about stay-at-home options at your company. If there aren’t options open to you, then consider making a transition to one of these professions.

  1. 5-stay-at-home-career-ideas-for-single-momsVirtual Assistant: Administrative Assistants are still in high demand, but the convenience of the internet has opened up the job to be able to be done from home. You can schedule meetings, plan business trips, and file expense reports all from your home desk. If you have a love for organization and streamlining business, then this is the job for you. There may be the occasional phone conference that you need to be on, but other than that, you can complete your daily tasks on your own time. It doesn’t matter when it gets done, as long as it does. Have the flexibility that you need in the day to pick up the kids from school, or stay home with them if they are sick.
  2. Graphic Artist: A graphic artist can get contact work by submitting bids, or they can work directly with an agency as an employee. The freelance style gives you as a single mother more freedom, but there is a less reliable income. Sometimes you’ll have lots of work, and other times it will be slow. As part of a company, you’ll have more consistent work, but it may not be as exciting. Weigh out the pros and cons, and see which is the best fit for you.
  3. Website Developer: There are many skilled website developer positions that are available across the US. You can be on the UX (user experience) or the UI (user interface) side of things. A UX developer makes the websites and apps user friendly, while the UI developer makes the site visually appealing. Most of these positions require an educational background or a good amount of experience to become proficient.
  4. Customer Service Call Center: USA-based companies have a push to keep their customer service representatives within the USA. Instead of contracting out a large call center to handle their customer service, they are now using individual contractors who are slated to work specific hours at certain times. You’ll be given all of the training and hardware to be able to complete the job. The only thing that is limiting is when you are on the clock, you can’t put your work down to go handle a boo-boo.
  5. Teach Online: Be even more connected to your kids and their schooling by becoming a teacher. Online classes are picking up as a popular method of teaching kids. It’s different than homeschooling, but offers the same amount of personalization and flexibility. Teach classes on courses that you love, and get to share your knowledge with young, growing minds. You can use your creativity online, and get to know your students personally. You’ll video chat with other students and lead online tests. It’s an exciting new area in education, and a great way for single moms to work from home.

Mom is your favorite job title, but you also need to put the bacon on the table. Wear both hats by being highly accessible to your kids with a stay-at-home position that fits your skill set. Look into continuing your education with online courses to reach the job and salary that you want to make. It’ll set a great example for your kids, and you’ll be proud of what you contribute to the workforce.

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