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Princeton, NJ is a place of rich history, art, and entertainment. If you’re in the area and looking for fun ways to spend your afternoon or weekend, then look no further! These are the top 8 things to do around Princeton, and what people love about them.

  1. Princeton University Art Museum– Experience history through the eyes of artists from all over the world and every major culture at Princeton University’s Art Museum. The museum showcases diverse art all the way from Europe, to Italy, Greece, South America, and beyond! Museum-goers love the variety of the over 72,000-piece collection, as well as the awesome artifacts and kid-friendly activities. The museum also holds educational programs and special exhibits throughout the year. The best part is that admission is completely free!
  2. Ghost and Vampire Tours– Get in touch with your paranormal side as you tour through the town and hunt for ghosts! Hear about the haunted past of the town as your guide takes you around and dishes about all the spooky history and urban legends that give Princeton its unique charm.
  3. Terhune Orchards and Winery– Of course, there are plenty of places to get a little drink on if that’s your thing! Enjoy an afternoon of picking strawberries, apples, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables or enjoy a relaxing and informative wine tasting session at this friendly farm and winery. Warm weather offers children’s pony rides and other fun festivities during various festivals other events at the farm! The whole family will enjoy all there is to do at Terhune.
  4. Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park– Explore the great outdoors in scenic Princeton at this state park that blends the natural beauty of nature with the excitement of water sports. The park contains many points of interest, including Prallsville Mills, a wooden canal bridge, and Six Mile Run Reservoir Site, among others. The park is a great place to enjoy canoeing, jogging, hiking, camping, fishing, and even horseback riding! It boasts over 160 species of birds, and there are nature programs that can teach you all about the wildlife in the park. Classes on forestry, orienteering, and native insects and animals will have you a seasoned pro in no time!
  5. Amazing Escape Room Princeton– Escape rooms are a unique group activity unlike anything you’ve ever done—it’s no wonder they’re the “next big thing.” Race against the clock and solve a series of puzzles, riddles, games, and other physical and mental obstacles to navigate your way out of the dark and unlock the doors to freedom. There are different levels (or rooms) of difficulty, and the activities are appropriate for people of all ages. It’s a great chance to loosen up and have some fun, as well as a great conversation piece afterwards!
  6. McCarter Theatre Center– If music entertainment is your go-to pastime, then you’ll love this old-fashioned theatre with music and performance art galore! Guests rave about the food, the professionalism of the staff, and the unbelievably good seating pretty much anywhere in the theatre. It’s been described as a top-notch theatre and a real Princeton gem, so be sure to check it out.
  7. Morven Museum and Garden– History and nature come alive at Morven Museum and Garden. Participate in a guided tour of the beautiful and historic home of Charles Lindbergh, and then enjoy a stroll through the surrounding gardens. There’s also an annual Festival of Trees exhibit, which nature lovers rave about too. Plenty of special events are planned year round that keep people of all ages coming back for more!
  8. Princeton Jogging Tours– Well, this is certainly a unique way to spend an afternoon! Who said tours had to be boring? Get some exercise and go at your own pace with Princeton’s jogging tours. It’s a great way to learn about the city and get in some cardio while enjoying the scenery in half the time!




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