No Fire Pit? No Problem! How To Make Indoor S’mores

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No matter where you look, it seems like s’mores are everywhere on the menu. From new flavors of coffee to traditional ways of cooking them, s’mores are filling up bellies across the country. And since s’mores are a favorite amongst adults and kiddos, it’s sure to be something the entire family likes.

For the crafty parent out there, you may want to think about other ways that you can make s’mores. After all, it’s possible that you do not have an outdoor area to cook your favorite dessert, but that shouldn’t limit you from cooking altogether. Instead, there are also some great ways for you to cook s’mores indoors as well.

If you don’t have a fire pit, it’s not a problem. That’s because here are some ways to make indoor s’mores.

SmoresS’mores In The Oven

This route is probably going to be your easiest and cleanest way to go about making delicious s’mores indoors. To begin, start by putting together your s’mores inside of aluminum foil. From there, wrap everything up and place them in the oven at 350° for about 10 minutes. Once the buzzer sounds, take out the s’mores and unwrap them from the foil. Be careful, because the marshmallow may still be bubbling – even though that may be the ideal time to eat it! Once you’re done, you can either reuse the aluminum or wait to make more s’mores with this same technique the following day. Instead of having to worry about the concerns of an open fire or even marshmallow getting all over the place, put everything in aluminum foil and you’ll have tasty treats at 350°.

S’mores Stick

This recipe isn’t quite the same as traditional s’mores, but it’ll still give you all of the flavors that you desire from this treat. To begin, place a marshmallow on the end of a stick. Then dip it in your favorite chocolate sauce, followed by a second dip into graham cracker pieces. Even though it may not be your way of traditionally making s’mores, these treats are perfect for the kids because they are easy to make and even easier to clean up.

Over An Open Flame

We like your ambition if you still want to have s’mores indoors. If you are going to do so with a small open flame burner, we just highly advise you are aware of your surroundings. Cooking with an open flame is an option, but one that needs to be carefully watched throughout the process.

Some More S’More Options

Looking for something more when it comes to s’mores? If so, some other options to consider include:

  • A s’mores dip – mixing marshmallow sauce, chocolate, and graham cracker pieces.
  • S’mores pancakes – including the marshmallow and chocolate into a graham cracker batter.
  • S’mores milkshake – throw it all in a glass full of ice cream and blend it all up for a refreshing treat.

If you are in the mood for s’mores, but you can’t cook outdoors, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any other options. Instead, consider the methods here for cooking s’mores indoors.

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