New Jersey: Home of Some of the World’s Most Prestigious Private High Schools

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Most of us know New Jersey as home to some very prestigious universities, including Princeton University, Rutgers University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. However, post-secondary education isn’t the whole story, and in fact, New Jersey has some amazing schools for students of all ages. These are the top five New Jersey high schools according to the U.S. News & World Report, known also for its authoritative annual ranking of the country’s top colleges.

High Technology High School

Coming in at the top of the U.S. News & World Report’s list of New Jersey schools and eleventh in the country, you’d imagine the High Technology High School in Lincroft to score high in the ranking criteria. Sure enough, the school received perfect scores in all criteria, which consists of college readiness, AP tested and passed, and math and English proficiency. While the institution offers all the classes you’d expect of a high school, including foreign languages and history, there’s obviously a leaning toward the maths and sciences, with AP courses offered in biology, calculus, chemistry, physics, and statistics. Additional perks include a capstone engineering course and mentorship programs that works similarly to an internship.

Biotechnology High School

The U.S. News & World Report’s second-highest scoring New Jersey High School, Biotechnology High School in Freehold also gets perfect marks in the grading criteria. The school, a member of the Monmouth County Vocational School District (which also includes High Technology High School) is geared more toward the specific field of biotechnology. When it comes to the curriculum, don’t expect regular science classes; subjects include genetics, agricultural biotechnology, and biobusiness.

Dr. Ronald E. McNair High School

Jersey City’s Dr. Ronald E. McNair High School, which takes third for New Jersey high schools and 48th overall, is a magnet school that has all the AP and honors courses that you would expect of a high-ranking high school, offering a balance of both the sciences and the humanities. One thing that sets this school apart is its dedication to diversity; McNair High admits an even quota of students of all races to ensure that all students are given a fair chance of a solid education.

Bergen County Technical High School

Bergen County Technical High School’s Teterboro campus, which originated as a vocational school, now offers an experience closer to college prep. Similar to the university experience, students enroll in a major, which dictates which classes they’ll take during their high school career. Majors cover a wide range of subjects, including automotive engineering, business, graphic design, food science, digital media arts, fashion, computer science, law, and aerospace engineering.

Bergen County Academies

Not to be confused with the Bergen County Technical High School, Bergen County Academies is located in Hackensack and covers seven areas of study: business and finance, engineering and design technology, medical science technology, advancement of science and technology, culinary arts and hotel administration, technology and computer science, and visual and performing arts. Unlike other educational institutes, the BCA’s modular scheduling allows classes and projects to run just as long as they need to. Just as appealing is the number of high-tech facilities offered to students at BCA, which include a nanotechnology lab and professional kitchen for students to practice in.

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