Living Alone? How To Stay Connected

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Living alone doesn’t have to mean that you have to be lonely! It’s certainly possible to find people to you connect with in your local area, while staying in touch with your loved ones far away. Staying connected to others is made easy through social media. Check out any local postings to see where groups meet that you would like to be involved in.

  1. Join a Club: There are tons of clubs that can provide a great group of people for you to connect with. You know that you already have a common interest, and there are typically planned events, which helps break the ice. You don’t have to search out new people; they are all right there. If you love dancing, then join up with a salsa dance group. If you are a bookworm, then find and join a nearby book club. It’s easy to find new friends, and you know that you’ll see them often. If clubs aren’t your thing, then look for a church or a religious affiliation that meets near you. Joining a gym can also give you a new social group to connect with. Look for one with scheduled classes like yoga, zumba, or crossfit, so you see the same people regularly. Be consistent in attendance so you can get to know as many people as possible.
  2. Volunteer: Give back and meet like-minded individuals at the same time. Dive into your passion and give your time, skills, and efforts to a worthy cause. If you have a love for animals, then volunteer at a local animal shelter. By getting out and getting involved with a group, then you’re guaranteed to find new people that you connect with.
  3. Plan Destination Weekends: Sometimes, where we live isn’t anywhere near where our closest loved ones are. Stay connected to those who mean the most to you by planning weekend trips to see them. Go to their home, and invite them to yours. Or, you can meet in the middle and find a beach or tourist destination to both explore together.
  4. Relax in Common Areas: It’s comfortable to stay on your couch, but the truth is, you’ll never meet anyone that way. Take a snack, and find a common area to relax in. Read your book, watch a show, or do some work on your laptop while sitting in a common area or a coffee shop. The human interaction will give you energy and help you meet someone new that you never would have before.
  5. Host a Party: Don’t wait to be invited somewhere. Host the party yourself! Now that you are connected to these new clubs and volunteer groups, you’ll have a strong social network. Break out of the typical scene and get to know them on a new level by hosting a dinner party of your own. Do something simple by finding a local restaurant, or have them over to impress them with your cooking skills.

Finding connections take a little time and commitment, but it’s well worth it to have a strong group of friends. No matter where you go or what you eat, you’ll be making deeper connections with new friends. Have your social outlet to keep you engaged with a community. It’s good for you mind and your spirit.

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