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Princeton is a name that rings familiar in most corners around the world. With a world famous university, Princeton is one of the most well-known boroughs in the state of New Jersey. But for those that are looking to visit Princeton, keep in mind that there is plenty more to the area than just visit an Ivy League school.

Here is a look at some interesting facts of Princeton, New Jersey – a place that has plenty to offer the rest of the world.

A Deep History

Princeton has a lasting history that can be tracked back to roughly 1683, when it’s expected that Lenni Lenape Native Americans called the area home. Over time, Henry Greenland came to Princeton and became known as one of the first Europeans to settle in the area. One of the most notable events to happen in the town was the Battle Of Princetown, which had a big impact on the revolutionary war as George Washington forced British troops to retreat.

Princeton-CampusPrinceton Is So Good, Even The Governor Lives Here

In most states around the country, it’s quite common for a governor to live in the capital city of the state they represent. Well, New Jersey does it’s best to break the mold. Even though the capital of New Jersey is Trenton, the governors house is actually in Princeton. It’s been this way since 1945, as the home of the governor has changed to a few different places within the Princeton municipality.

A Top Ranked Town

As much as the citizens of Princeton will happily tell you how great this town is, they aren’t the only ones that think as much. In fact, Money Magazine ranked Princeton as the No. 15 town to live in America. Princeton University brings some of the brightest minds in the world to the area, which is why the town itself is one of the best to call home in the country.

Princeton Is Out Of This World!

Not many places can say that they have a part on the moon. But when Charles “Pete” Conrad went to the moon in 1969, the 1953 Princeton grad put a flag on it’s surface. It remains there with just a few other artifacts from earth, making Princeton a truly intergalactic city.

College Football Fans Love Princeton

Whenever you gather in the parking lot of your favorite university on Saturday, you can thank Princeton for making the foundation that is now college football. That is because it was on November 6, 1869 that Princeton and Rutgers played in the first recognized intercollegiate football game. The final score resulted in Rutgers edging out the 6-4 win, and college football has gone on to become a staple in American universities around the country.

Many people immediately think of the university whenever they hear the world, “Princeton.” And while this world class institute may certainly be a good reason to visit, there is much more that Princeton has to offer. The facts here are just a few of the many interesting tidbits of history that Princetown has had its impact on.

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