How To Have An Easter Egg Hunt In Your Apartment

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When you think “Easter egg hunt,” where do you picture this activity taking place? Sure, it may be tradition to host egg hunts in the outdoors, but if you’re an apartment dweller, you may fear that you can’t take part. Do not fear! Hosting one in your apartment is doable, and in fact, it has its own benefits. Here’s what you should do to have a great Easter egg hunt in your apartment.

Hide the Eggs in Interesting Places

This may seem like a no-brainer, but take the time to think of good hiding spots for your eggs. You’ll want to make some easy to find but others tucked away in nooks and crannies. Egg seekers will feel a greater reward when they find an egg where no one else would think to look. Just make sure that you don’t make the hiding spots too difficult!

Stuff the Eggs With Fun Rewards

Easter-Egg-HuntWe usually associate Easter with chocolates and candy, so these are perfectly fine rewards to stuff in your eggs. But don’t let that be the only thing you hide away. Coins, bills, and trinkets are another fun incentive to egg seekers, especially if they are a bit older. Better yet, if you have a little time, write out some clues and riddles – this will mix up the egg hunt and keep the participants on their toes.

Keep a List of Where the Eggs Are

If you’re hiding a lot of eggs, especially some in tough-to-find places, it could be difficult to remember where you’ve put what. So, you might want to keep a secret list of the places you’re putting them away. Otherwise, you might be finding eggs come Christmas!

Decorate Your Apartment to Show Some Festivity

You don’t need to go all-out to get your apartment looking Easter-y, as a little decoration will go a long way. Consider some timely decor such as flowers, Easter baskets, and pastel-colored wall streamers. This will get your Easter crowd in the mood for an egg hunt.

Host Some Games

While an Easter egg hunt will probably be the centerpiece of your festivities, it shouldn’t be the only activity you have planned for the day. Some simple games you can include Pin the Tail on the Bunny, an egg-tossing competition, or maybe even a craft-making content.

Have Refreshments on Hand

After all this fun, your attendees will more than likely be parched and famished. Keep them refreshed with some Easter-themed foods and drinks. For sweet tooths, contemplate baking up some bright cupcakes or M&M-chip cookies. Bonus points if you can cut them into bunny or egg-shaped pieces. For drinks, if you’re feeling ambitious, craft up some Easter cups with cute little bunny ears and glued-on googly eyes.

By having an Easter egg hunt in your apartment, you’ll surely be missing out on the fresh air. But think of all the bright sides: no children wandering off in public, no worries about the weather, and when everyone is tired and crashing from all the sugar, you’ll be in the comforts of your home!

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