How to Get Your Kids to Pick Up After Themselves

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Do you find yourself constantly nagging your kids to pick up their toys? Or maybe you’re always picking up after them yourself. Either way, it’s time to put an end to the cycle! Here are some tips on getting your kids to pick up after themselves so you can finally enjoy a clean home without all the hassle.

Set some rules and make sure they understand them

Establishing rules is an important part of parenting. By setting expectations and teaching what you want, children learn to make good choices. Avoid using language that can cause confusion or misinterpretation, and when necessary, demonstrate how you would like things done. For example, if you’d like toys cleaned up before bath time or story time, clearly communicate this and demonstrate how you’d like it done for several evenings. 

Lead by example by keeping your spaces clean and tidy

Everyone strives to be a good example for the people around them, and leading by example is an easy way to do this. An effective and meaningful way to show your children how to keep their rooms clean is to keep your own room neat and tidy. Seeing someone they look up to keeping a space spotless can help instill within them the mindset of cleaning up after themselves, resulting in a cleaner home for everyone.

Create specific spots for kids to put their things

Creating specific spots for your kids to put their things is a great way to help them keep a tidier home. For example, each child can have an assigned hook for backpacks and jackets as soon as they walk into the door and designated areas for items in their bedrooms. This simple system helps keep your home tidy and avoids misplaced items – which means it’s a win-win for everyone! Having these spots also encourages independence by teaching kids where to put away their belongings and gives them the skills to be organized long-term. It’s incredible what a difference it can make in the overall functioning of your home.

Make cleaning up a game or set a timer

Making cleaning up into a game can be an effective way to motivate children to help. It’s all about making it fun and exciting. Try setting different tasks, such as who can put away their toys the fastest or playing fun music while they clean – whatever works! Setting a timer is another popular strategy when it comes to getting kids involved in putting things away around the house. Just set a timer for 5 minutes and encourage them to clean up everything before the buzzer goes off – you’ll definitely get some good results! 

Reward them for consistently cleaning up

Rewarding children for consistently cleaning up can help reinforce good habits from an early age. It also teaches them accountability and responsibility; if they put in the effort to clean up, they will be rewarded in the end. Rewards don’t necessarily have to mean a material prize; they can be anything from a few extra minutes in front of the TV, to a fun family activity. Encourage your kids to take ownership of their mess by instilling a sense of ownership and pride in taking care of their own space. 

Taking the time to teach children how to keep their spaces clean can be frustrating, especially if they don’t pick up habits quickly. However, these five tips will definitely get them on the right track and help to maintain an organized and tidy home over the long run. With regular practice, soon enough, your kids may have cleaning and organizing skills that will last them a lifetime.

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