Houseplants That Are Easy to Maintain (perfect plants to grow in apartments)

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Succulents are all the rage right now, and for good reason: they add some green to the room, and they are super easy to maintain. Greenery cleans the air, improves our mood, and adds an excellent pop of color to your living space. House plants are perfect for those who are looking for something beautiful that’s low-maintenance. Give your green thumb a go with a few other plant varieties that are still easy to maintain in apartments.

  1. Bromeliad: This exotic plant has waxy leaves and a beautiful red stalk that brings a unique look. You’ll be reminded of the warm weather and the tropics with its red bloom that lasts for months. It doesn’t require a lot of water. A ice cube on the soil every other day is more than enough for this spiky guy.
  2. Jade: Jade is known for bringing friendship, luck, and money, which means you should definitely have this plant! It’s native to Africa with thick leaves and short and stocky branches. They love temperatures between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit and full sunlight. Don’t overwater this succulent. Only put a small amount of water on the soil when the dirt is dry to the touch.  
  3. Aloe: This plant is known for its healing gel inside of its stems. Its spiky exterior spiders and reaches outward. Trim the lower leaves for the health benefits. The plant will keep growing from the center of the plant.
  4. Philodendron: Philodendron is Greek for “love tree.” They have large and heart-shaped leaves that hang and droop. This plant can get a little larger giving you a wealth of greenery.
  5. Cactus: If you don’t have kids, then a few cactuses around can be fun. It looks interesting and curious. They are incredibly easy to maintain. It’s fun to have something slightly dangerous staring back at you.
  6. English Ivy: Ivy loves to climb. Give it some lattice to hold on to and reach for. The english ivy has a five pointed leaf with yellow veins, and rarely needs fertilizer.
  7. Peace Lily: Peace Lilies have a big expanding leaves with white fronds that have a single white petal. They like moderate sunlight, and need to be watered about once a week. These can grow to a large size. If yours begins to get too large, you can break off a group of roots and leaves and replant in a new container.

The number one killer of house plants is overwatering. Don’t get to excited about your new housemate and drown him in water. Let the soil dry in between watering so that you don’t get root rot. Another pro tip: don’t relocate a house plant to an outdoor setting all at once. The leaves aren’t use to the direct sunlight, and they will burn. Acclimate your plant gradually to the outdoor setting that you want to put it in.

Decorate your apartment with living plants that will love you back. They’ll clean your air and improve your mood as a thanks for keeping them alive. You’ll be surprised at what an excellent gardener you are.

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