The Most Expensive Homes in the Country

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We may not all be able to afford to live in our dream home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Whether yours has a built-in movie theater, golf course, swimming pool, or spacious garage to fit all 15 of your sports cars, there’s really no limit to what you can achieve with a great design team and a whole lot of money. Here are the top 5 most expensive homes in the country that put even our ultimate dream homes to shame!


  1. Briar Patch: $140M– First on the list is this waterfront Hamptons estate that boasts a secluded tennis court, private access to Georgica Pond, a spacious guest house, full-service gym, luxurious spa, and pool. The mansion’s 10 bedrooms and 9.5 baths offer more than enough room for friends, family, and party guests to share. The estate is also within ten minutes of East Hampton Airport, with private transport by jet and helicopter available.


  1. Great Island: $175M– Darien, Connecticut is home to the fourth-most expensive home in America, known simply as Great Island. The extravagant European-style mansion is situated on its own secluded island, surrounded by almost 62 acres of quiet woodlands and meadows. The half-mile gated driveway and secluded anchorage for boats offer a magical backdrop for this oceanside paradise. The property also features its own green house, guest house, and stable.


  1. Manalapan Megamansion: $195M– Recently publicly listed, this 16-acre megamansion is on the market for $195 million, and is home to 33 bedrooms and 47 bathrooms. Amenities include a PGA-standard golf practice area, a world-class botanic garden, lavish tree house, and sports complex, complete with a regulation tennis court, half basketball court, and mini golf course. This tropical oasis includes a guest house fit for a king, and even designated north and south cottages, a manager’s house, and a manager’s office.


  1. The Manor in Holmby Hills: $200M– Coming in at number two on our list of most expensive homes in the country is this 56,000-square-foot mansion that boasts a whopping $200 million asking price. It’s rumored that the estate’s owner recently turned down a $150 million offer. The estate recently underwent some racy upgrades, featuring the addition of a basement nightclub, spa and massage parlor, and an exotic fish exhibit in an extravagant aquarium.


  1. Bel Air Spec House: $250M– What does $250 million get you in LA? A whole lot of art and candy, apparently! This 38,000 square foot mansion, complete with 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, and 6 bars, offers enough space for hundreds of people to convene comfortably. The mansion also features 40 reclining leather seats, over 100 art installations, and 12 sports cars on display to take for a spin on a moment’s notice. For even more fun, just check out the 4-lane bowling alley, 2 wine-champagne cellars, and a huge glass wall of more candy than you could possibly eat in a lifetime. Sweet!

Even if you can’t afford one the most expensive homes in America, it’s still nice to dream. There clearly is no shortage of golf courses, tennis courts, pools, and luxury sports cars in these jaw-dropping estates that are fit for a king (or just a really, really rich celeb!). Which megamansion is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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