DIY Halloween Crafts (for kids or adults)

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It’s fall! That means that Halloween is right around the corner. Nothing helps you celebrate more than decking your house out in fun decorations. Let’s face it—store bought decorations can get expensive. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to have a fabulously scary home for Halloween. By spending a little more time and adding a touch of creativity, you’ll save tons of money, and have a custom made Halloween home.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1.    Ghostly drapes: Make a spooky doorway by adding tattered and torn drapes to the entrance. Start off by getting a few yards of cheap cheesecloth. Cut the cheesecloth into strips and make holes throughout. To give the drapes an old feel, brew some black tea, and dip the cheesecloth in the tea for a few minutes to stain it. You can hang your new drapes by stapling them to a cheap piece of board that you can mount over the door, or you can simply put a few adhesive hooks on the ceiling and you can poke holes in the cloth to hang from there. There you have it! An entry way fit for ghouls and ghosts.
  2.    Black Cat Pumpkins: Combine 2 Halloween classics into one for an extra cute decoration to place around the house and on countertops. First, get a few fake pumpkins in different sizes. Paint them black with exterior spray paint. Then cut out 2 triangles from black craft foam board and hot glue them to the tops of the pumpkins. Use a white paint marker to draw 2 almond shapes for eyes. Then hot glue a few pipe cleaners on the center of the face for whiskers. Last, but on least, cut a triangle from a piece of fabric or felt and glue it on upside down on top of the whiskers to give your cat a cute little nose. Your kids will absolutely love it!
  3.     Candy Corn Piñata: Do you have a Halloween party coming up? Surprise your guests with a fun treat! To make your own candy corn piñata, cut out the pre-made template and tape together on poster board. Tape it together to hold the shape in place. Then, do a layer of papier-mâché to make it sturdy. To make paper-mache, cut up strips of newspaper and set aside. Then take a bowl of water and add a few big scoops of flour to it. Mix the newspaper in the sticky water and place it over the whole candy corn. While you are letting your paper-mache dry, cut orange, yellow, and white tissue paper into squares.  Glue the tissue paper on to finish it off!
  4.    Pumpkin Spiders: Craft a few creepy crawlers out of mini pumpkins. Buy a few small pumpkins from the store and core them. Take 8 black pipe cleaners and poke on end into the pumpkin. Bend the pipe cleaner a few different directions to make the legs look jointed. Then, drop a tea light candle in the center to make it glow at night.
  5.    Apothecary Poison Bottles: Take several old glass bottles, and clean them out well. Make sure to scrub off any remaining labels. Then, spray paint a coat of primer on the bottles. Follow it up with a few coats of matte black spray paint. After they are dry, add your own poison labels by handwriting on some decorative sticker labels.  

No matter which one you decide to make, you’re sure to have a spook-tacular home!

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