Best Places to Get Ice Cream around Princeton, NJ

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Princeton, New Jersey is a historic place known for many things, but when you think of the town itself and all there is to do there, you probably don’t think of ice cream—though maybe you should. The town and its immediate surrounding area are home to some of the best hand-made, soft serve, organic, and just plain inventive ice cream around. They’re places everyone is talking about—and for good reason.


  1. Thomas Sweet Ice Cream

This streetcorner ice cream shop with a small-town feel offers a variety of flavors of ice cream and gelato, including coconut, hazelnut, pistachio, tiramisu, mango, pineapple, and banana. They’re known for using a drill to blend your unique combo of flavors and are well worth the usual long wait during those hot summer months.

  1. The Bent Spoon

While The Bent Spoon is a bakery that offers a variety of baked sweets and desserts, its real shining star is its uniquely inventive organic ice cream that offers one-of-a-kind artisanal ice cream. Known for its off-beat flavors and ever-changing menu, The Bent Spoon is also well worth the wait!

  1. Halo Pub

Another town staple is the Halo Pub, a casual and quaint spot in the heart of town known for its coffee and ice cream sourced from local milk and dairy products. People flock from all over, even in winter’s coldest months, to enjoy Halo Pub’s deliciously mouth-watering soft-serve. It’s cozy atmosphere is enjoyed year round by all.

  1. Dolceria

Another must-go ice cream place is Dolceria, which offers outdoor dining where patrons can enjoy their gelato, coffee, and espresso. They are known for their great homemade desserts, famously friendly service, and unique flavors.

  1. YoFresh Juices & Smoothie Bar

Crowd favorites don’t stop there. YoFresh Juices & Smoothie Bar is a five-star-rated frozen yogurt shop that has been called the “best in New Jersey.” They offer healthy smoothies and fresh juices made on the spot, as well as no fat, low fat, non-dairy, gluten-free, and no sugar-added options!

  1. Thomas Sweet Café

Thomas Sweet Café offers a variety of breakfast items, sweets, and coffee, and their ice cream is out of this world. The café’s bohemian atmosphere, great service, and location are well-liked by many in the area. They also have a killer hot chocolate and a wide array of coffee combinations.

  1. Purple Cow Ice Cream

Purple Cow Ice Cream’s baked cookie cones are a signature and unique menu item that have our mouths watering. You can enjoy the rich and creamy ice cream on their porch seating too! They also offer vegan-friendly ice cream options and their prices are unbeatable.

  1. Yogorino Princeton

This five-star-rated town sweet spot boats a “real” Italian gelato feel, as well as healthy frozen yogurts that are enjoyed by all. The shop offers a huge selection of toppings and they can certainly whip up a great custom order right in front of you—just the way you like it!

You may not have come to Princeton for ice cream, but while you’re here, you’ve got to try the local favorites. The ice cream scene in town is huge, and the people are crazy about these out-of-this-world, homemade ice creams that give the area a unique punch of flavor. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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