The Best Places to Get Deals As the Holidays Approach

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There are few times throughout the year when it’s good to be a shopper, with holidays like Labor Day and Thanksgiving being prime times for discounts. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and if you missed Black Friday, you still have a chance to save big, whether you’re buying for a loved one or yourself. Be sure to check these sources for some big savings on everything from clothes to technology.

Online Retailers

Who doesn’t do a little consulting online before busting out their wallet? Indeed, the Internet is great for nearly every step of the shopping process, from making product comparisons to finding reviews to actually making purchases. And if you’re on the lookout for a good deal, chances are that you’ll find it most easily online. Amazon, of course, should be your first stopping point. While the company almost always has reasonable prices on its products, it’s running a special holiday sale through the end of the year.

The Big Box Stores

Say what you will about online shopping, there’s at least one downside to making all your purchases through the web: you have to place a lot of trust in the product description and other reviewers’ thoughts. While visiting big box stores may not be as convenient as opening up your laptop and clicking a button, you can at least see the product in person and get a feel for its size and quality. You might not find the same degree of deals that you would online, but you never know – there might just be a bargain you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Ticket Discounters

These days, more and more are asking Santa for gifts that can’t come neatly wrapped and placed under the tree. Rather than hope for a material thing that will be out of fashion (or inoperable) within a few years, these folks are choosing to spend their time on experiences that are more in-the-moment. That’s why it’s worth checking with your local venues for any holiday discounts on tickets to upcoming entertainment. You could also take a look at Groupon, the online couponing service, to see if there’s anything that would strike your loved ones’ fancies.

Buying Gently Used

Sure, there’s nothing like that “new car smell,” but there’s also nothing wrong with saving a little money by buying gently used. You can find a cheaper version of every kind of product out there, from furniture to devices. While there may be a stigma against gifting something that’s been used, oftentimes, you can’t even tell the difference between something you bought new from Walmart and something you got secondhand off Craigslist. In fact, sometimes the only way the product’s been used is that it was taken out of its box!

Everyone’s always looking for a deal, and while the last minute before the holidays isn’t the most optimal time, there are still some good bargains out there. Remember that you aren’t always going to find one right away. Sometimes, it takes a little work! That said, when you finally find that amazing discount, it’ll all have been worth it.

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