Moving? Tips to Keep It Stress-Free!

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What comes to mind when you think of moving?

  • Having your own place
  • Setting up your space
  • Home decor
  • A new and exciting home
  • Packing

It could be any – or all – of those things! Of course, packing is a part of moving – and it can cause you some stress. After all, packing up all of your belongings and transporting them to a new place – and then unpacking – is a lot.

But don’t worry about it! You can do it – and be stress-free – if you just prepare! Just use these tips to help!

  • Purge Before You Pack: One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to moving is packing everything and saying they’ll sort it all when they get to their new place. Avoid doing this at all costs. It will save you from packing things that you have no intention of keeping and means you’ll have less to unpack on the other side. You definitely want to purge before you pack.
  • Have Packing Supplies on Hand: When it’s time to start packing, make sure you have enough packing supplies on hand. Tape, markers, boxes, and newspapers or bubble wrap (to protect breakables) are necessities. And you don’t want to run out when you get in the “packing groove.”
  • Pack Room by Room: It is much easier if you pack things room by room – because then you can just deposit the boxes in the appropriate room in your new place. This will save you from needlessly lugging things around your new home. 
    • Additionally, if you’re going to be putting certain items in different rooms at your new place, make sure they get placed in the appropriate room before you start packing.
  • Pack Things You Don’t Need Immediately First: If you’ve got a fair amount of time before moving, why not pack up the things you’re not currently using now? This could be home decor, Christmas decorations, certain small appliances, and clothing for different seasons. It’s helpful to get a head start on items like these, so you’re not overwhelmed closer to your moving date.
  • Do a Little Bit Each Day: Another great way to keep moving stress-free is to do a little bit each day. Think about dedicating 30 minutes to one hour each day to packing. You might be surprised by how much you can get done in such a short amount of time.
  • Fill Your Boxes, But Don’t Overfill: Yes, you want your boxes to be filled, but be careful with how much you put in them. You don’t want them to become so heavy that nobody can lift them. 
  • Pay Close Attention When Disassembling: Do you have some items that will need to be disassembled and reassembled in your new place? Then make sure you pay close attention when disassembling. You can take pictures or a video to help with this! (Also, be sure you know where you put all of the parts. Putting them in a baggie and taping them to one of the larger pieces of whatever you disassembled is one way to keep things together.)
  • Make Sure Your Utilities Are On: Once moving day arrives, make sure your utilities are turned on. You want to have the air conditioning on to keep you cool and the refrigerator on for storing some cold beverages.
  • Move the Big Things First: If possible, move your big things in first. This will allow you to easily place them where they belong without tripping over moving boxes.
  • Enlist Help if Needed: The more people you can enlist to help you, the smoother and quicker moving will be. Ask a few friends if they’d help – and maybe promise some good food and drinks for doing it!
  • Take Your Time: Finally, take your time. When you take your time and make a plan, you’ll lessen your stress! 

When it comes to moving, get excited! But don’t do it without having a plan for packing! Use these tips to help you – and keep stress at bay!

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