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What’s your favorite grocery store? Do you have a local store you just love? Or, are you like a lot of people around the country, and just love Trader Joe’s? It’s definitely a popular chain. 

The first store with the Trader Joe’s name opened in 1967 (and is still open today) in Pasadena, California. With friendly and helpful staff dressed in bright floral shirts, the store became popular with local shoppers and never looked back. In 1972, Trader Joe’s offered its first private-label product – granola – and has continued to add new products ever since.

Trader Joe’s fanatics enjoy perusing the aisles and seeing what’s new. And with a constant flow of fresh and delicious products, there are lots of people who have chosen to share their fanaticism with Trader Joe’s by creating blogs and Instagram accounts that detail new products and recipes. Here are a few you can check out.

  • Cooking with Trader Joe’s: This website has so many delicious recipes that it may quickly become your go-to for using all of your favorite Trader Joe’s products. Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati are the creative forces behind “Cooking with Trader Joe’s” and while the website is fairly basic, the recipes are not. You can easily search for something to cook by meal, course, or even by special diet (such as vegan). They also have several cookbooks.
  • What’s Good at Trader Joe’s?: If you want to read reviews of Trader Joe’s products that are sometimes funny and always real, then head here. You’ll get the inside scoop on many of the products you’ll find on your Trader Joe’s shelves, and they’ll certainly help you decide if you want to spend your money on the product. All items are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 Golden Spoons – so you’ll know exactly what the reviewer thought.
  • Exploring Trader Joe’s: This site is a one-stop-shop for everything related to Trader Joe’s. There are product reviews – which are short and no-nonsense. You can quickly see a list of items that the reviewer would buy again, along with a list of the items purchased frequently and a list of the very best Trader Joe’s products they’ve found. But, the “Weekly Roundup” might be the very best thing. It’s a compilation of new blogs and tweets all about Trader Joe’s.
  • Trader Joe’s List: If it’s new at Trader Joe’s, then this Instagram account will let you know. Great pictures and cool finds are everywhere on this Instagram account. And be sure to check out Natasha’s stories – as she shares some cool hacks for some of the Trader Joe’s products she uses.
  • Trader Joe’s Kitchen: Another excellent Instagram account is this one by Rachael. She shares simple and delicious recipes using products from Trader Joe’s. Be sure to scroll and find her smashed potatoes using Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. They’re yummy!
  • Trader Joe’s Smarty Points: If you are a follower of WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and love Trader Joe’s, then this is the Instagram account for you. You’ll love all of the great finds that are “points-friendly” and tasty.
  • Trader Joe’s Obsessed: The name of this Instagram account says it all, but if you’re a working parent with kids and want easy meals that use Trader Joe’s ingredients and products – this mom shares a lot of them. You’ll have healthy meals on the table in no time at all with the help of this account.

If you’re a fan of Trader Joe’s, then you need to bookmark these blogs and follow these Instagrammers. You’ll love all of the information they share, from recipes to new products!

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