30 Fun Facts About New Jersey

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You live in this great state, but what do you know about it? You know the capital. You know the state nickname. But do you know many fun facts about New Jersey? Get ready to show off your knowledge about New Jersey when you learn some new, fun facts.

30 Fun Facts About New Jersey

  1. New Jersey has the highest density population of any state in the U.S.
  2. 90% of all people who live in New Jersey live in what is considered an urban area.
  3. More cars are stolen in the city of Newark than any other city in the United States.
  4. New Jersey has a state seashell. It is the knobbed whelk and is known to be used in the Italian dish scungilli.
  5. Beemerville, New Jersey is home to a volcano. While it is no longer active, it is a popular site for real estate development.
  6. If you’ve played the game Monopoly, you are familiar with the names of real streets in Atlantic City.
  7. The first-ever baseball game was played in Hoboken.
  8. In September 1921 the very first Miss America pageant was held on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.
  9. New Jersey is home to more diners than any other state.
  10. Atlantic City is home to the world’s longest boardwalk.
  11. Cape May, New Jersey is the oldest seaside resort in the United States.
  12. During the Revolutionary War, more battles were fought in New Jersey than any other state.
  13. New Jersey does not have an official state song. While many people think it’s “I’m From New Jersey,” this was never made the official state song of the state.
  14. While New Jersey doesn’t have a state song, it does have a state fish – the brook trout.
  15. Thomas Edison had his lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey.
  16. The very first submarine ride took place in the Passaic River. 
  17. New Jersey has the tallest water tower in the world. It is located in Union, New Jersey.
  18. In 1869 Princeton played Rutgers in the very first intercollegiate football game.
  19. New Jersey’s state bug is the honeybee.
  20. Camden, New Jersey was the site of the very first drive-in movie theater.
  21. The state flower is the violet.
  22. New Jersey was the very first state to sign the Bill of Rights.
  23. Cheerleading was started in Princeton in 1869.
  24. Square dancing is the state dance.
  25. New Jersey has a spoon museum containing over 5,400 spoons. It can be found at Lambert Castle.
  26. The hadrosaurus is the official dinosaur of New Jersey. 
  27. Parsippany has been named Tree City USA for 24 years in a row.
  28. New Jersey has 21 counties.
  29. All counties in New Jersey are classified as metropolitan areas.
  30. The state motto is “Liberty and Prosperity.”

Which of these facts did you know about New Jersey? Do you have any little known or fun facts about New Jersey to share? The next time you head out to trivia night with your friends or attempt to solve a crossword puzzle, maybe some of these fun facts will help!

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